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UPDATE: No treatments on the face during Covid-19 lockdown

The government announced on 9th July 2020 that beauty salons can open on Monday 13th July. However, as normal, they forgot to mention something extremely important that we won't be able to do anything that involves treatments on the face. To be honest I saw it coming as they have been referring to us as 'nail bars' for a while now. Why on earth they didn't continue to call us 'nail bars' in their announcement is beyond me as pretty much every treatment most beauticians offer is on the face. With the increase in nail bars doing cheap sets of nails, I would say most places have specialised now, which I have done. Therefore I will continue to be closed for now.

beauty salon July 2020


I feel that the UK government have been extremely cruel to self-employed businesses during this Covid-19 outbreak. Unlike employed people, if you are self-employed you have to wait for the 80%... now 70% 'furlough' money. A date for the second amount of money hasn't been released. We don't get it monthly. Also, it has to be declared as income and therefore will be taxed. Thankfully I have a rainy day pot, but many people don't, and will be struggling in this situation

Another rant.... why on earth are the government doing this staged opening?? If we were going on a scientific approach of seeing the impact of the pubs opening on the 4th July, surely there would need to be at least 14 days between all these dates! I honestly don't know much more of this shambles I can take!


Quoting from British Beauty council here:

Today the government announced that beauty services can resume as of the 13th of July 2020. However this does not include those services that work in the highest risk zone, so no treatments on the face will be permitted.

A list of treatments that will not be allowed has been provided by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). This includes:

  • Face waxing, sugaring or threading services
  • Facial treatments
  • Advanced facial technical (electrical or mechanical)
  • Eyelash treatments
  • Make-up application
  • Dermarolling
  • Dermaplaning
  • Microblading
  • Electrolysis on the face
  • Eyebrow treatments

Beard services should be limited to simple beard trims, thinning or removing bulk or length which can be done using either clippers or scissors. This could be carried out from the side or by circling the client avoiding the high-risk zone.

Intricate detailing, outlining or shaving of beards that involves prolonged periods near the high-risk zone should not be carried out.

The full revised Government guidelines will soon be available to view here 

Or check the Government’s website for an update


Beauty salons reopen July 2020 UK


Molly's corner- Femme Luxe Finery boost my wardrobe. 

Hey! Really pleased to be able to share my second blog with you about some gorgeous clothes from Femme Luxe Finery. 

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If you read my first blog about them, then you will already be in the know about and their stunning range of women’s fashion at amazing prices. You may have seen them on Instagram and Twitter so I’m thrilled that I can share some more outfits with you on this blog. 

I love Femme Luxe Finery as it is such an easy website to use and I always find something to boost my wardrobe. 

I was really fortunate to be gifted the pieces that I’m writing about below, but I always check in with Femme Luxe Finery when I’m looking for a certain item of clothing or when I just need that quick shopping fix! Delivery usually takes about 3-5 days, but there is next day delivery for when you need that item in a hurry! 

I’ve found that sizing is true to size, but do check the size guide for details. We all know that shops can differ and styles of clothing can be different too. 


femme luxe logo


As before, I was kindly gifted the pieces that I’m writing about below, but my words and my views are my own.


First one up is the Silver Glitter Puff Sleeve Front Knot Top, again in a size 10. At the time of writing, it is £8.99. There are some amazing bargains on right now and this is one of them.  Once we are able to hit the town again, this will be a perfect party top. The glitter in the top is amazing when it catches the light and will be stunning in photos.  My plan is to style this with a bold colourful suit as I think this is a piece of clothing to be played around with. I think it would also look perfect with jeans and some strappy heels.


Silver Glitter Puff Sleeve Front Knot Top


I love this next dress, Red Square Neck Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress in a size 10. Priced at £18.99 this is a brilliantly priced party dress. This dress is so flattering and I love the material. It hugs your body but it is really comfortable to wear. I love the colour and it instantly made me think of what a fantastic dress this would be to wear at a Christmas party! However, it is a lovely dress for a night out so can be worn all year round. The dress is relatively simple in style, but is a headturner item of clothing. I would recommend wearing it with black heels. To make a real impression, I would add a crossover bag or purse. 


I love the bodycon style and I chose the Royal Blue Ruched Cowl Neck Bodycon Mini Dress to compare to the one above. This is one of my favourite items that I’ve received from Femme Luxe Finery. Brilliant price of £13.99. Again, I picked a size 10 and it was a perfect fit and so flattering. The material was similar to the bodycon dress that I wrote about earlier and is really easy to wear. I teamed this with a pair of white heels and it looked gorgeous. I added some silver jewellery too and it looked striking with the blue of the dress. Definitely an outfit that I’ll be wearing this summer on holiday or to summer parties! 


I also received the Cream Sherpa Oversized Jumper in a Size 10. This is currently £13.99 on and is an absolute bargain! It is perfect for ‘lockdown’! As there are no festivals or big parties happening right now, I’ve been snuggling up at home and this is perfect for that. I’ve been wearing it whilst chilling in front of the TV and eating my favourite snacks! It’s a great dress for when you are having a girly sleepover with your best mates and catching up on the latest gossip. Although I’ve worn it indoors during lockdown, I’ve been thinking that if I wore it out I would wear it with a pair of black knee length boots. This would be a brilliant cooler weather ‘statement’ outfit! 

Cream Sherpa Oversized Jumper


As last time I am really pleased with my outfits from and I can’t wait to check them again really soon! Go and take a look, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


ingrown hair on face Norwich

Hair By Roxanne Webster- Guest blog on dandruff



ingrown hair on face Norwich


Have you ever googled ‘how to get rid of dandruff’ we’re all in the same boat, we all want a solution that clears out every possibility of an irritable scalp with dandruff and replaces it with a healthy, nourished one. Dandruff can be an extremely embarrassing condition to deal with. You skip out on wearing darker colours, continuously feel self-conscious.

Getting rid of dandruff might be a longstanding problem for some, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this condition can get difficult to deal with. Especially when advertisements on television are selling you anti-dandruff shampoos left, right and centre.


Most adults have a yeast present on their scalp. Your hair follicles and oil glands naturally produce an oil called sebum. You might notice this oil as the third-day grease that starts to form. Or for some of us, dry shampoo cans come out. Dandruff occurs when excess production of this oil (sebum) reacts with the yeast present on your scalp, causing it to multiply rapidly, resulting in an itchy, inflamed, irritable scalp. If not taken care of properly, this can lead to more serious skin conditions.

This could happen due to a number of reasons ranging from hormones to stress, your environment, the weather and more. But We often mistake dandruff for a dry scalp and begin to treat it without understanding what the problem even is.


Dandruff can happen to anyone, but there are certain habits, environments and situations that can trigger this condition further. If you’re suffering from those dreaded flakes, your next step would be to identify what is causing dandruff and/or what factors in your life are triggering it further.

The following causes -

•Not washing hair regularly - wash twice a week if you can

•your diet - fatty yeast product’s

•stress- home life, family issues, work-life
(Try yoga, this is a fantastic way to level your mind at stressful times.
learn to breathe this is such a powerful tool.
Remove yourself from the stress go for a walk.
less time on mobiles

•hormones -
-Try taking evening primrose oil this can level the hormone out around this time of the month

•genetics - family genetics

•the environment -
-weather is a big reason our skin and hair suffers so swap shampoos And conditioners inline with the time of year.
-Central heating can also dry scalp and skin out so be mindful to moisture more

•reactions to products -
- stop using any product that is making the issue worse and start back to basics
- Less is more


•change hair care routine -
-shampoos not too drying on the scalp
-more conditioning products like hair masks would be a good idea twice a week at 1st

•use the correct PH level -
0-7 acidic
7-14 alkaline

•change your diet -
-Fresh foods
*stay away from sugary foods and yeasty foods

•exfoliating the scalp -
-brown sugar & honey

-coconut oil
Apple cider vinegar
Rosemary essential oil

•home remedies -
-essential oils
Tea tree oil
Aloe Vera gel

-Olive oil & egg whites


Guest blog by Norwich hairdresser Roxanne Webster.

Covid-19 closed beauty salon till July 2020

I thought it’s about time I emailed everyone on my mailing list to try and enlighten you when I will be opening again. I hope everyone is well. What is happening all over the world is incredibly scary and so much uncertainty on the future.

Following last night’s speech from Boris Johnson and clarity from Dominic Raab this morning we should be aiming to reopen 4th July 2020 onwards. I am happy for people to book in for then. We can simply rebook if we feel it’s not safe nearer time. Obviously, this isn’t set in stone!

This year I have decided not to increase my prices due to everything going on.

My daughter won’t be going back to school until September, so my hours will be limited to accommodate her homeschooling. Thankfully she loves reading! So she can bury her head in a book while I work. I will adjust my Google calendar this week.

To keep busy I am currently working on creating websites with my husband. I recently added an online shop to my website. I’ll be adding more items over the next month. Any product requests welcome!

If you know any local businesses that would benefit from an e-commerce addition to their website, please pass our details on. Andy was a software engineer at Aviva for over 15 years, so creating websites has been great alongside his photography business over the last couple of years. To stay up to date on what I am doing I do post the odd bit on social media.

website design

A few people have asked how they can help us small businesses. A Google review goes a long way with me!

Hope everyone is well. Please keep in touch and don’t be shy if you need anything,



Beauty salon closed due to Covid-19 in the UK

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Molly's corner- Femme Luxe Finery clothing

Welcome to Molly’s Corner! I’m so excited to be able to share my thoughts with you about some fantastic pieces from Femme Luxe Finery. is a website that offers women’s fashion at affordable prices. They have a faithful following on Instagram and Twitter. They are also on other social media including Pinterest and Youtube. They have videos of the models on YouTube which I like as you can see the outfits being worn and moved around in. I really love how Femme Luxe try to have something for every style type. They follow specific trends and fit all budgets. Delivery was in 3-5 days, but they offer next day delivery for when you need that style hit quickly! I found it really easy to find something I liked and there were lots of categories to choose from. 

blogger logo

I was kindly gifted the pieces that I’m writing about below, but my words and my views are my own. 


My first piece is a White Ribbed Off The Shoulder crop top in a size 8. I love a crop top and this is perfect. I’ve dressed it up with jeans and dressed it down with joggers. I wore it with joggers when I was having a lazy day! I’m really looking forward to wearing this top when I next go out for lunch or on a date. The top has a cross body effect and this helps it to pull in nicely at the waist. The material is thicker than I expected, but this means it isn’t see through and it helps the top to sit nicely when you’re wearing it. It costs £13.99 and I think that is a decent price for a top that looks so good. 

Next is White PU Ruffle Strapless Bodycon Mini Dress. This dress is a bargain at £19.99! I got this dress in a size 12 and it fitted perfectly. I loved the ruffle effect and the trim at the hem. I wasn’t sure if I would like the material of this dress as I’ve never had an outfit in PU before, but I love it. It had a really subtle sheen to it and it looked really different. I would team this dress with some heels and a clutch bag for a perfect night out outfit. I think I would also wear it to a summer event as it is such a pretty strapless outfit. This is a perfect outfit for when you go on holiday and the white would look stunning against tanned skin.

white PU dress

I also received the Pink Glitter Clear Strap Plunge Bodycon Mini Dress in a size 10. The bodycon style is something that I really love. It suits my body shape really well so this dress was a perfect choice for me! This was a real bargain at £9.99. The pink glitter created an amazing shimmering effect and is a brilliant flattering party piece. My only concern is that the straps are very thin and could break easily. One of my straps did break, but I easily fixed it so it wasn’t a problem. I would wear this with some white heels and some silver jewellery for an amazing evening look. 


My favourite outfit is the Blue Belted Pocket Denim Mini Dress in a size 8. I loved this dress as it looked gorgeous online and on me! It complimented my figure really well and looked stunning. Again, it’s another item that can be dressed up or down. I would wear this on a date for a casual summer look. I think it will look really good worn with trainers and a cross body bag for a casual look. I would also wear it with heels if you wanted to make it more dressed up.   


As with online shops it can be tricky with sizing. I know what size I need in different styles, but sometimes it can differ from person to person. 

I was really pleased with my Femme Luxe Finery clothes and I wouldn’t hestitate to use them again! Definitely go and take a look at for all your style needs and wants! I’ll think you’ll find something for your style and budget. I will be checking them out for more cute dresses and beautiful outfits very soon!

tropic skincare Norwich

Tropic products with Georgia in Norwich

tropic Norwich

Hello, I’m Georgia and I have been a client of Lizzie’s for 8 years now. I live in Norwich, Norfolk and have a little girl, who is 6 months old. I had heard about Tropic Skincare before, I had flicked through the catalogue at the hairdressers but never tried any Tropic products. A few weeks before my daughter was born, my friend brought me a Skincare Discovery Kit, containing four mini Tropic products including a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and serum. I was hooked and these Tropic Skincare staples even made it into my hospital bag.

After a few months of using the products, (even with a newborn), I decided I wanted more. I attended a Tropic Roadshow at Norwich North Holiday Inn and heard first hand from Tropic’s founder, Susie Ma. I learnt that the ingredients in the products you use, have an effect on your overall health when absorbed into your body. I was shocked by how many chemicals were in products designed especially for babies. I also met other Norwich Tropic Ambassadors who are also within my team.

tropic hair products Norwich

I had never thought about what I was putting on my skin and the affect it was having, not only on the planet and my body, but most importantly, my baby.

Tropic believe in cleaner beauty. All their products are verified safe by “Think Dirty”. They are cruelty-free and vegan, as well as being sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly.

Tropic partner with United World Schools, each Tropic purchase funds education for children in some the worlds poorest communities.

Then I became a Tropic Ambassador, purchasing my starter kit for £198. Within this kit was over £500 worth of Tropic products, most of which had been on my wish list. Anyone can host a Tropic Pamper Experience from the comfort of their own home. As a hostess, you’ll receive up to 15% of the total pamper sales to spend on your new favourite Tropic treats. If you live in Norwich and would like to find out more about hosting a Tropic Pamper Experience or becoming a Tropic Ambassador, please pop me a message.

tropic skincare Norwich


Where to find the Best Cooling Mattress Topper

Waking up in the middle of the night, the covers have been kicked off and you’re being strangled by your pajamas because they’re glued to your skin with sweat. This is not a pleasant sight, not for hubby who you pray won’t wake up, or for you, as you stroll to the bathroom mirror and look in shock at the state of you. 

Thankfully this is easily solved, and you’ll kick yourself for not having invested in one earlier. What am I talking about? The glorious cooling gel mattress topper, in all its comfort and chilliness.  It might keep you in bed on those hot summer mornings when usually you’re up at 6 am with the sun.

We’ll discuss more on them later in the article, but if you are new to them and what they’re all about, then check out the ultimate cooling gel mattress toppers and stop being out the loop. The last thing we want is to be the last sweaty man standing at the end of the day, even more so when it is so easily avoidable.

What are gel toppers?

They are those wonderful layers that help you not spend a fortune on a full-blown mattress when there is no need. There are, of course, many options to choose from so doing a bit of research is essential.

When using a gel mattress, as you lie on it, it should shape to your body, this then distributes you weight evenly relieving any pressure points such as shoulders and hips. If you’re like me then waking up with achy hips is a nightmare, limping around in the morning and trying to get the joints moving.

Another key factor to look into is the firmness of the topper, the higher the density count the higher the firmness. Go into a shop and lie for a few minutes on the various toppers and see which feels easiest when getting back up. If you’re not puffing, then that’s the one for you.

Many people complain about being hot with a regular topper, but with a cooling gel topper, this is no longer an issue. The topper will have large pockets with an open-cell design to allow the cool air to flow freely, and preventing any hot spots from occurring.


5 Advantages of using a gel topper.


  • Durability. Besides lasting longer than your average topper, they are for sure more comfortable. And with memory foam motion transfer resistance, you won’t be woken up by your partner rolling around in the bed. Sign me up, please!
  • Air circulation. With the open-cell design instead of trapping the heat given off by your body, it is dissipated through the gel and you’re kept cool and comfortable.
  • Pressure relief. This is aimed at the side sleepers, continuous tossing through the night due to throbbing hips or numb shoulders and you aren’t getting the rest you need. Gel toppers are made to cradle you and keep your sensitive areas free from tension.
  • Support. With even distribution of the cells inside there is no chance of having a mattress with a dip in the morning as is with regular toppers. I know I’ve experienced this on my husband’s side, as I climb into bed, if he isn’t there I roll straight to the middle. Let’s just say that mattress and topper didn’t last long in our house.
  • Spine. As you lie down the vertebrae align themselves and stay that way with the gel toppers, and you wake up fresh rather than the usual ‘get me a coffee now’ mode the family is used to seeing.



The different layers that can go on top.

People tend to get confused when mattress ‘jargon’ is being thrown around in-store and suddenly you’re overwhelmed when all you came in for was a topper.

So many layers, some you weren’t even aware of, others have evolved so much they’re unrecognizable. Let’s break it down quickly, but you can read more info here to back up what you already know or learn something new. 

An Encasement is when the whole mattress is covered, completely, thus protecting you from any potential bed bugs or mites, and also damage if there was to be any. Then there is the protector, and it does what it says on the tin, protects. Everywhere besides the underneath and still providing some relief from allergies.

One option is the pad, while not as popular a choice, it does give a decent amount of comfort and aids temperature regulation through the night. 

Then for the grand finale, the show we bought tickets for, the topper. Undoubtedly the nations’ first choice, it’s thick, provides a high level of comfortability and it supports our body in a way we didn’t know how we ever lived without it. 

Blog by Sleep Rex.

Guest blog: A Guide on How to recognise your skin type

A Guide on How to recognise your skin type

Do you know what skin type you have?

As we are unable to get to our Beauty Skincare Specialist we are having to do DIY beauty.
This is essential to know your specific skin type to ensure you are using the correct skincare routine at home, using the wrong skincare products can actually give you additional and preventable skin problems, such as over sensitising your skin – resulting in tight or itchiness , over stimulating sebum production and oil – which can cause spots, dehydrating – dull appearance, or causing blockages resulting in milia.

This guide will enable you to give yourself a skin analysis

As a professional skin specialist at the beginning of every facial I carryout a skin analysis, this enables me to determine which products would most benefit your skin or your individual concerns.

First Cleanse the skin, you need to be able to see your skin

Remove all make up, Double cleansing is a must, the first cleanse removes make up and surface dirt and oil, while the second cleanse actually cleanses the skin removing dirt and oil that has collected during the day.
We then use a skin toner, make sure this is suited for your skin type, A toner will remove any residue of cleanser, tighten the pores, mattify the skin and if using the correct toner leave a natural antibacterial film to help stop spots forming
When you carryout your skin analysis it is useful to do it in good light, A magnifying mirror will help you see close up and determine pore size.
There are four main skin types
*We look at pore size
*Fines lines or wrinkles
*colour of the skin
*texture of the skin

Normal Skin

*Small, fine pores
*Even texture
*No blemishes
*Good balance of oil
*Healthy colour

Dry Skin

*Fine pores
*Fine lines and wrinkles
*Matt & uneven texture
*Dry patches
*Can have redness dilated capillaries across cheeks

Oily Skin

*Enlarged pores
*Thicker coarser skin
*Spots or blackheads
*Shiny / Oily appearance
*Any of the above together
*i.e. Oily t zone, dry cheeks

A skin can also suffer from the following conditions either temporarily or consistent.
Dehydrated Skin
*Skin lacking in moisture, superficial flaking
*May feel tight and itchy
*Can be temporary

Mature Skin

*Lack of firmness and suppleness
*Lack of muscle tone
*Pigmentation areas
*Lines and wrinkles

Sensitive Skin

*Flushes easily
*Dilated capillaries
*Itchy skin

Congested Skin

*Infected pussy spots
*Red hard lumps/spots
*Black heads – Blacked blocked pores
*Infected skin

Factors that can affect skin type

*Age - As we grow in years our skins natural production of collagen and elastin slows down resulting in fine lines and wrinkles
*Hormonal imbalance – The over production of different hormones (progesterone or oestrogen) can cause spots
*Incorrect skincare – Using the wrong products can result in dehydration or over stimulating the sebum production
*Climate – The sun can dry the skin, or the wind can sensitise the skin and cause broken capillaries
*Diet – intake of water and food – Water and vitamins are vital in producing cell regeneration
*Smoking & Alcohol – Robs the skin of essential vitamins and can dehydrate the skin

Some Technical Terms For Common skin disorders

Acne – Vulgaris
A bacterial infection of sebaceous glands. Usually caused by hormonal imbalance but can also be aggravated by stress or poor diet. Pustules, which are spots that contain pus and papules which are blind spots so have no head, can be sore and painful, and may be present on the face, neck or back.
Acne – Rosacea
Rosacea is recognised by persistent flushing, which can be aggravated by spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, stress or extreme changes from hot to cold. Papules are usually found and give the skin a lumpy appearance.
Comedomes– Blackheads
A grey spot caused by hardened sebum blocking the hair follicle. It is of black appearance due to oxidation of keratin in the sebum that changes colour when it comes into contact with the air.
Milia – Whiteheads
Milia are small cysts which are white hard pearly lumps under the skin, which can include sebum. Common around the eye area as the skin is thinner. Can be caused by incorrect skincare containing high mineral oil content. Milia can be removed with a sterile micro lance, but must be done by a skincare specialist

Helpful Information on products suited to different skin types

Cleansing milks are usually oil in water composition, making them light in texture; they will benefit a sensitive or Normal skin type. These can be removed with water and face cloth, sponges or damp cotton wool pads.

Cleansing creams are higher in oil to water content and thicker in consistency, these makes them effective in removing oil based make up. Because they have higher oil content they will benefit a mature, dehydrated or dry skin type. These are better removed with a muslin cloth or face cloth.

Foaming cleansers are gel based with a mild detergent that when mixed with water produces foam. This is idea for clients who like the feeling of washing with water, and suitable for an oily or combination skin type.

Skin toners generally contain a small amount of astringent or alcohol which gives the slight feeling of tightening; it also removes any residue of cleanser and closes the pores. Toners are applied to the skin on cotton pads.

Masks are applied to the skin in a thin layer to aid easy removal. Masks may contain ingredients such clay for oily combination skins which set on the skin, or non-setting masks which may contain oil or cream for Mature, dry or sensitive skins. Masks are deep cleansing and can be used to push in moisturisers and oils for a more nourishing effect. Masks can be applied with a facial mask brush or the fingers, they are removed with water.

Moisturiser lotions are light in texture and are usually a high water to oil content, making them a good choice for oily, combination or sensitive skins.
Moisturising creams are richer in consistency and texture because of higher oil content, so perfect for Mature, dehydrated or dry skins.

Written By Louise Baxter
Louise Baxter Skincare And Beauty Specialist

kids nhs drawing covid-19

Reopening the salon action plan

Reopening the beauty salon action plan after Covid-19

My diary is currently still ‘open’, you could simply move your appointment to after the lockdown date. The new review date from the government is 7th May 2020. At the moment I am just contacting people week by week to cancel or reschedule. I won’t cancel anyone’s appointments without contacting them first.

I will be sending out an email to everyone on my contact list once things are clearer.

If you are self-isolating/ shielding until July, do let me know so I can reschedule your appointments. If you need anything please don’t be shy to ask!


My business doesn’t involve any social gathering and was one of the last to close, so guessing we will be one of first to reopen.

When I am able to see clients again, you can be assured that my strict hygiene practices remain as stringent as ever.

In the meantime, please stay well and I look forward to seeing you very soon.


kids nhs drawing covid-19
Artwork by my daughter Jessica.

Advantages of a Custom Suit for Ladies

Advantages of a Custom Suit for Ladies

Suits are a great indicator that the limit in 'male-female' clothing combinations is almost lost. Today, ladies are thrilled to opt for this piece of wardrobe, and not just to wear it for work. Increasingly, women in fashionable suits can be seen in restaurants, nightclubs, or relaxed Sunday brunch with their friends.

Every famous brand has women's suits in their latest collections. However, if you want to jump from the pattern of uniformity, opt for a custom suit. True, this fashion adventure may cost you more than buying ready-made clothing, but once you try on bespoke clothes, you'll see why they are worth every penny.

Tips on how to find a reliable tailor see below:

Ladies' suits have certain similarities to men's outfits, but they differ in the designs, materials, but also the wardrobe pieces. While men exclusively wear pants as part of the suits, ladies can choose between skirts and pants of different lengths and models. The blazers are waisted, lapels on them are deeper, with or without buttons. With so many choices of creating an outfit, every lady can find something for herself.

No Wandering to Find What You Want


Even though ladies enjoy shopping, the hours spent touring the boutique can sometimes be tedious (although no women will admit this). In one fashion store, they will see a lovely model of the suit, but they will not like the material. In the second boutique, they may like the jacket, but they will not be impressed by the lower part. 

The probability of finding just what they want is quite small since those desires generally do not fit the standard commercial models of well-known brands. If you want your piece of high fashion (but at a far lower price), a good tailor can make your dreams come true. Off-the-rack suits will never fit you as well as a suit tailored to your measures. The tailor makes unique clothing for you, not for mass production.

As for the choice of materials, their quality justifies the price. Also, an understanding of the textures and colors will be beneficial in finding the perfect fit for you. Tailors possess extensive knowledge of the materials and process of making clothes. They'll explain to you how to maintain and store your suit correctly. No label can compare to an experienced stitcher.

It Shows Your Style More than Anything


The style is about the details, not about wearing something that anyone can have. You can buy a blazer and pants of a well-known fashion brand, and give it your unique mark by putting details like jewelry or scarf. But it is entirely different when you design your own outfit, based on something you saw on the fashion shows.

Maybe you find an off-the-rack suit that seems nice, but you think the blazer probably would look better with peak lapels. Or you prefer a pencil skirt as a part of your costume, instead of tight pants. Skilled tailors can turn any idea of yours into reality, as seen on any website related to bespoke tailoring.

You can ask for lapel embroidery, an eccentric collar, colorful stitches, or buttons of unusual shape - anything that fits your style and personality. These are just some of the details that can make even a casual outfit unique.


Tailor’s Advice Are Worth of Gold


The bespoke tailoring is about creating something unique and everlasting. The custom-made clothing should be like a second skin, to fit you perfectly and to make you look and feel good about it. But often, women have unrealistic expectations when it comes to clothes.

An established tailoring company or an individual stitcher will do their best to fulfill your wishes about how you want your measure-to-made suit to look. But they also have useful suggestions on how ti fit clothing to your style, anatomy, or even your personality. The tailors, in addition to making clothes, are here to help with the advice.

Professional suit makers will help you understand that, for example, a wide-cut suit won't fit you if you're short. They will suggest a different cut, color, or pattern that better matches your body shape. A bespoke suit should flatter to your figure, not to make you look silly in an expensive piece of clothing.

You Get Value for Your Money


You may not have thought about it, but going straight to the tailors instead of endlessly touring the boutiques can save you time and money. In the beginning, you will pay a bit higher price for a bespoke suit, but at least you won't waste time trying out a bunch of clothes (that you actually don't like) in search of what you want.

When you put handmade suit on for the first time, you'll see why going to the tailor was a good investment. This costume will always take a special place in your wardrobe, and you will wear it for many years (if you take care of it properly). Tailors make clothing to last - among other things, the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship justify the cost.


Having a custom-made suit is, to some extent, a matter of prestige. In addition to being a clear indicator of style, it also shows that the person wearing it does not fit into fashion patterns. Women in suits can be seen everywhere today. In a handmade outfit, you will surely be noticed, even if you opt for suits of simple cuts or neutral colors with no accessories.

Inspired post by The Tailory New York - Custom Suits NYC