Email from Twofour:

We are currently casting for a new documentary about people getting married. We are keen to explore the week leading up to a wedding and the wedding itself so would focus on the bride and her family and the groom and his family as they prepare for their exciting and memorable day. We are keen for the tone to be genuine, warm and celebratory and reflect the breadth of different types of weddings in modern Britain.

To tell you a bit about Twofour, we were voted Best Independent Production Company in the country at the 2014 Broadcast Awards and we specialise in working with sensitive organisations and charities to produce ground breaking documentary series.  In the past we have worked with the Department of Education to produce multi-award winning series Educating Essex and Educating Yorkshire for Channel 4, the Navy to create Royal Marines Commando School (Channel 4) and Clarence House and the MOD on Harry’s South Pole Heroes (ITV).

It would be fantastic if you could forward this info, (or the flyer attached), on to your clients getting married between Aug-Oct 2015, in case they are potentially interested in being involved. There is no one particular type of wedding that we have in mind but we do like the idea of a big wedding that involves family as well as friends and we are interested in the way two families come together for a wedding.


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Getting married 2015 and want to be on TV