I often get asked what 0.15 thickness eyelash extensions look like, so I have written this blog post to show you that 0.15 suits any age. A lot of eyelash technicians sell them as ‘for the older lady’ as they look more natural than 0.20. I personally love this thickness and think it’s suitable for anyone. Some beauticians believe that 0.15 is the heaviest lash that should be applied to a natural eyelash.  Using thinner lashes is ideal for volume lashes, also known as 3D lashes. Volume lashes is applying multiple thin lashes to one natural eyelash. This gives a great look and can create amazing volume for someone who has few natural lashes. I currently only offer volume lashes to existing clients as they take longer to apply than the one eyelash extension to one natural eyelash technique.  Which is often called 1D or 1:1.

Personally, I would like to see more thinner eyelash extensions used as they bond better to natural eyelashes as the radio from eyelash extension and natural eyelash is closer meaning they last longer. When using volume technique they can look just as full and give that same mascara look everyone craves. I think more people are moving over to subtle natural looking lashes and the ‘TOWIE’ look is out the window!

Below is a set of eyelash extensions using 0.15 thickness I have in-filled and tided up. This lady has been having eyelash extensions with me for nearly one year now and has never had a break as she cares for her lashes nicely. Also, because it’s one eyelash extension on one natural eyelash, when she loses a lash there is only ever one eyelash extension attached. If your eyelash extensions are coming out in clumps, then they’re glued together, or there are multiple lashes attached to a natural lash. Please stop seeing your current eyelash extension technician if this is the case, as this will cause pain, discomfort and possible long term damage. I strongly believe that eyelash extensions cause no damage when applied correctly. Personally, I lost more natural lashes using mascara as I used to use waterproof mascara which was a nightmare to remove at the end of a long day.

If you have any questions or would like to see photos of different lengths/ thickness please comment below. I am happy to blog on request. Guest blogger also welcome.

thickness0.15 eyelash extensions
Mink 0.15 eyelash extensions. Lashbase products used.


0.15 thickness eyelash extensions
0.15 thickness eyelash extensions done in Norwich, UK

0.15 thickness eyelash extensions

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