Out of office – getting married!

I am going to be ‘out of the office’ until 7th July, so unable to reply to emails, text, calls and social media messages. However I will reply ASAP when I am back. At the moment the next available appointment with me is the middle of July. I will occasionally check my messages, so please do email me and I will try to reply to anything urgent.

I am getting married tomorrow at St Giles hotel. Below are some of our engagement shoot photos by Jess Wilkins Photography.




Sunset at Mousehold heath in Norwich.


Mousehold heath in Norwich


Mousehold heath in Norwich.


Mousehold heath in Norwich


Mousehold heath in Norwich.

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  1. Hope you have had a fabulous day…congratulations! Will contact you regarding eyelashes…only just had last ones fall out! Best wishes, victoria allen.


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