I am off on holiday 🙂

If you have any problems at all please call my mobile phone, which my Mum will be looking after for me. All my eyelash extension clients should have the contact details for the lady who is covering me while I am away. She uses the same glue and lashes as me and I trust her completely with my clients. So no need for test patches with her if you do need her. Remember to tell her you came from me and which type of eyelash extensions I use for you.

We are off to the North island of New Zealand. Any tips on what to see and how to manage a crazy long flight with a 23 month old? We bought a little Nexus pad and already put a few movies on it for her to watch. I am thinking blow up ball, flashcards and lots of animal figures to take with us for the holiday to keep her entertained.

We are renting a campervan, so space will be limited. I am pretty sure we have decided to take the backcarrier and small fold away push chair. Worrying slightly about how we are going to get two bags, car seat, pushchair and back carrier on the flight!!

All suggestions wanted!!