Facial hair removal in Norwich by threading

Excess facial hair and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

I often get asked why some women have excess facial hair. One of the main symptom of PCOS is  excess hair on the chin, upper lip and general face. Hirsutism (excessive hair growth in women) is said to affect 80% of PCOS sufferers. It can cause really low self esteem and depression for some women. I see many women on a regular basis for facial hair removal by threading the whole face.

Please don’t feel embarrassed to book in for facial hair removal, facial hair removal is one of my most popular treatments. The age of people suffering from facial hair is extremely varied. Please don’t think you are ever alone in having facial hair, many women suffer with facial hair and it’s very simply removed by threading. Facial hair removal is often not talked about, which means many women feel alone with this problem. I work from home, so this is ideal for facial threading as there is sometimes slight redness after any hair removal and you can simply go straight home to bed and not be worried about seeing anyone you know as I don’t have a salon full of people. All appointments are by prior booking. I recommend full face threading every 4-6 weeks depending on your hair growth.

Acne on the chin is another symptom of PCOS caused by hormonal imbalance. Never pick or scratch spots as this can result in scaring and take spots longer to heal. Regular facials and daily skin care routine can help.

After Facial hair removal by threading I recommend keeping the area clean and applying witch hazel. Your skin will feel silky smooth, but please don’t be tempted to keep touching the face as you can cause spots to appear. I recommend keeping the skin completely clear of make-up for 24 hours after having facial hair removal done.

See prices on treatment page – Threading can be done by time.


Facial hair removal
Facial hair removal – Norwich

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Facial hair removal in Norwich