Eyelash perming in Norwich

Eyelash perming is done by applying a very tiny sponge roller (called a rod) over your eyelashes and treating your eyelashes with a perming solution, allowing it to set for around 20 minutes. By doing this the perming solution changes the structure of proteins in the hair and forces lashes to mould over the rod leaving your eyelashes with a lovely curl. The results from eyelash perming treatments can last up to two months. Your eyelashes naturally fall out after 90 days on average, so this treatment isn’t permanent.

Aftercare for eyelash perming: Avoid excess contact with water for around 24 hours. You can also buy special solutions to apply at home to keep your eyelashes healthy.

Please remember if you have eyelash perming done this prevents you from have semi-permanent eyelash extensions done for 3 months. Some people can’t tolerate eyelash extensions and feel the need to pick them off, so this lash treatment is a fantastic alternative. Combined with tinting your lashes this treatment avoids the everyday hassle of applying mascara. It’s an ideal treatment just before your holiday when you are in and out of the swimming pool.

Beauty salons that offer eyelash perming in Norwich are:

Eyelash perming by Kayla Rust

Eyelash perming by beautique is hair and beauty salon run by Sarah-Jayne Johnson

Eyalsh perming by Urban retreat

Eyelash perming by Silver beauty salon

I now offer lash lift, which is very similar to a eyelash perm. Look at my treatment page for more information. This is similar to LVL lashes.

If you offer eyelash perming in the Norwich area or have any tips please feel free to contact me or comment below.

eyelash perming norwich
Where can I get eyelash perming done in Norwich?

Eyelash perming in Norwich

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